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I am Halvard Bjørkås - a Norwegian composer and music producer who love to make music for video games and other visual media and arts. 


I have produced multiple mini video games for my project "Musikkdetektiven" (The Music Detective). I got funding from Øst-Norsk Filmsenter for "Musikkdetektiven og fuglemysteriet" - an interactive book with mini games. I also did sound design for "Jesper på hjul" by EON Reality Norway.


Through these projects I have gained knowledge about game development and game logic. This means that I can be an integrated part of your production team - not just an external composer. I see the process of composing for games as a dialogue between the developers and the composer. My main goal as a game composer is to make your visions come alive. I put all my honor in being a professional partner, never missing a deadline. Please contact me for references. My music has been used by NRK, Teater Innlandet among others.


I will be happy to help you with things like:

  • Spotting the game - planning where to put music, and what type  of music to use: Linear/interactive, music styles/genres/instruments etc.
  • Composing and producing music and sound effects for your game
  • Recording and preparing voice over - I have a wide network of experienced voice over actors
  • Prepare the music in an audio middleware such as Fmod or Wwise


From my CV:

  • Master in Musicology, University of Oslo
  • Interactive Scoring for Games, Level 400 course at Berklee College of Music
  • Guest teacher in Audio production for Game students, University College of Hamar
  • Freelance writer for Musikkpraksis and Sound on Sound magazine,

Buy my music

Please contact me if you want to license my music for one of your projects.

You can also find some of my music on Pond 5. Click the icon to visit my channel there.

Music for video games

I love to make visuals and music work together in an interactive way


and the mystery of the birds

I made this interactive book containting small games for my project "The Music detective." It´s in Norwegian. Here is a video of the book

Text and music: Halvard Bjørkås

Illustrations: Mari Skullerud

Voice: Tom Styve



I did sound design for this app that was produced by EON Reality, Norway. Robotic sounds are fun!

Developed by EON Reality, Norway



In this YouTube channel, I post tutorial videos and examples of what I have worked with in the past.

Click to visit my YouTube channel

Misc music



I wrote this walz for Zienerfilharmonien where I play the guitar. It was made for a New Year's ball we played at.

You can hear the whole album here


I wrote these song for my favourite norwegian football team. It was great fun to hear the song beeing played before at the stadium before a top divison game.

Trumpet solo: Magne Otervik

Background vocals: Hanne Høivik Bjørkås



On this album I have made som darker sounding pieces that I think works for mellow and melancholy in e.g. documentaries 

Click to hear the album on Spotify